Workshop on Intellectual Property, Media and Culture at the European Cultural Foundation

We are very glad to inform that Abel Garriga will be in London (@BFI) and Amsterdan (@ECF) next week to present a Workshop on Intellectual Property, Media and Culture in the Doc Next Network program, a project of the European Cultural Foundation

Find following an introduction to the exciting topics we are going to work on.


London, February 21st – 22nd, 2012

This two day workshop aims to give a comprehensive view of copyright law, so that participants can be able to understand why copyright exists and how it works.

The first session will address the main issues of copyright law, giving both a wide and rigorous perspective of them. We will analyse in depth the narratives of copyright to stress the fundamental public interest that copyright originally served, and the reasons why this original purpose is nowadays, at least, blurred.  We will also discuss the role  that technology has had to boost a profound debate on the subject.

Since we are facing a transnational issue, the first session will focus on the two main legal systems to analyse the structure of copyright law and to find the common principles that apply to any legal system.

We will end the first session with an analysis of the interests of the participants  in the program so that we will have raw material to work with in the next session.

The second session will have as a central issue how can copyright law serve the purposes, goals and needs of the participants, the Foundation and the project.  Given the existing legal framework,we will analyse the law to see what licences would be the best fit for the project to stress public interest in copyright. We will focus on  the open licences, to see why  they were created and how they work.

As a conclusion and practical outcome the workshop will end proposing, with the contribution of all the participants, the legal tool that best can serve de project.

We’ll keep you posted!