“What do the directive on renewables energies and semiconductors have in common?” at Lainformacion.com

LaInformacion.com has published my opinion article, "What do the directive on renewable energies and semiconductors have in common?", in which I delve into recently approved Spanish regulations and their relationship with the Directive (EU) 2018/2001.


From the entry into force of Directive 2018/2001, last December 24, 2018, the Spanish State can not approve regulations contrary to that Directive. This is our semiconductor, which only passes legislation and regulation that tends to comply with Directive 2018/2001, everything that goes in the opposite direction is considered to be contrary to EU law and illegal. Thus, repealing Royal Decree - Law 15/2018 and the new Royal Decree of self-consumption without further ado, would be prohibited.



The full article is available here.