Welcome to our new Blogformat

After a few months of activity and experiments we are launching our new format!

We will now be keeping blogs on three different topics. We write about legal developments with impact on these topics, more or less randomly though, without pretension to offer exhaustive coverage. We write on issues which we think are interesting for our clients, or which are particularly relevant in general.

1. Renewable Energies

Currently the recent developments in Spanish Feed in Tariffs, mostly for Photo Voltaic Energy have our close attention.

2. Information Technology and Intellectual Property

The canon for intellectual property, e-commerce and data protection are issues that draw our attention. We are also closely following the developments in e-gaming, especially on community level.

3. Mergers & Acquisitions

This is our ever-gold, the origins of our Firm. We write mostly about corporate and tax issues here, and now and then we may discuss some issues of a more practical nature.


We are lawyers, therefore our writing on these subject will generally be from a legal perspective. if you like to comment on our posts please feel free to do so, we appreciate critical discussion. If you would like us to comment on a specific issue which interests you, please let us know.

We hope that you will enjoy reading and participating in our Blog,

Best regards,