“Trusting the Spain’s Official State Gazette (B.O.E) caused my ruin” an article about the actor César Vea in lavanguardia.com

"Trusting the Spain's Official State Gazette (B.O.E) caused my ruin", the actor César Vea explains, one of the many that felt drawn by the atractive return conditions of investing in renewable energies, set by the government. 

He decided to invest all his savings and asked for a loan to build a 100 kW photovoltaic plant. Everything was working as expected until 2010, when he recieved a government letter that stated: "your plant does not fullfill the new requirements".

Back in those years, the situation for other renewable producers wasn't great either because they were facing reductions of 30% to 50% on the subsidies recieved. But for César was even worse, his facility was no longer part of the subsidied system, so he began to not recieve any sort of state help. 

Because of this situation, he is only recieving the 10% of the expected renevue for the sale of electricity, provoking the impossibility to return the loans to the banking institutions. This gap inbetween the projected incomes and the ones effectively recieved has triggered the seizure of diferent properties he held.

César has had the pro bono advice of Piet Holtrop, who warns of this situation as another demostration of the disproportion in the measures, undertaken by the government, for the reduction of the promotional scheme of the renewable energies.

The actor has not given up, he has been through a hunger strike in front of the headquarters of PSOE (social democrat, center-left party), he got naked infront of the photovoltaic facility he built, and he has developed a video in which he reports his situation. 



The full article is available here.