The Spanish wind sector and the latest electricity sector reform – impacts & lessons

Together with the Spanish Renewable Energy Association (APPA) and EFACEC our Firm sponsors this side event of the annual EWEA Conference, this year to be held in Barcelona.

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The event takes place Wednesday 12 March 2014, 09:30 – 14:00

at Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, Hall 8.0, Room Ciutadella



Spain’s renewable electricity sector as a whole since 2010 has been confronted with a series of significant cutbacks regarding its remuneration, mainly on a retroactive basis. This includes wind energy, which has been faced with cuts of wind premiums, a moratorium for new installations, a new tax on the gross revenues of electricity sale in the wholesale market, the abolishment of the feed-in premium option and of the indexation of the tariffs to inflation.

The latest electricity reform, which is partly already in force and should completely come into effect in the coming weeks, includes the retroactive establishment of a new economic regime for RES-E based on economic parameters and standardized installations still to be defined. This therefore changes the parameters under which existing wind projects in Spain were financed, clearly endangering their economic viability.

About this side event

This side event therefore will have a close look on the impacts of this reform for the Spanish wind sector, mainly regarding technical, economic and fiscal aspects like the consequences for wind installations in the market, the impact of operation & maintenance on the operating results or the expected resulting remuneration for wind electricity.

Furthermore, the event will analyse the possibilities of legal defense both at national and European level for the affected wind plant operators, and will provide answers to the questions that will help other countries learn from the complex legal and economic situation of the Spanish wind sector.


This event will be organised in Spanish, translation into English is offered.


Detailed agenda of the event.

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