The Expert Club of Energy News: Now the experts talk

An article by the EnergyNews Expert Club has been published in which Piet Holtrop expresses his views on the situation of the civil rights in the midst of the confinement and deepens in the debate generated by Planet of the Humans, the new documentary on the climate crisis by Michael Moore.
In the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, our civil rights have been drastically restricted, and with it the rule of law. While these restrictions are understandable to most of us, it is a vitally important exercise to question, to challenge everything, being very critical of the limitations of civil rights. The rule of law may appear to be a robust fortress, but in reality, it is only a newly built little house.
Speaking of controversy, a new documentary on the climate crisis, Planet of the Humans, by the American filmmaker Michael Moore, has been released in the last few days. Moore, a well-known provoker, expresses in the documentary that the promotion of renewable energies will not be enough to solve the climate crisis. In a way he reminds us of the book by his compatriot Charles Mann, "The Wizard and the Prophet", about the green revolution by Norman Borlaug (the Wizard), and the founder of modern environmentalism, William Vogt (the Prophet). Moore, in this case, leans toward the Prophet's position.
The documentary has been criticized for attacking renewable energy with false facts. It must be taken into account that the veracity of the facts may be subordinated to the purpose of seeking controversy.
Mann, in the referred book, comes to the conclusion that all the elements of both strategies should be used to solve the climate crisis.

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