Sol(d) Out – a film about the renewables sector by the filmmaker César Vea

The filmmaker César Vea, we had the pleasure to meet at the fair GENERA June 2016 in Madrid and whose short film "El camino del Sol" has already been released, begins this July to shoot his documentary film "Sol ( d) Out ". The director says that "Sol (d) Out is the story of a heist. However, this film does not belong to the detective genre, nor the horror, nor to science fiction. Because Sold (d) Out is not even fiction". César goes on to say that fraud to the renewables sector is a systematically silenced theme, unknown to the general public, the reason to make this effort to bring it to light through a documentary. "

Clicking on the following link you can see a trailer of the film.

The newspaper 20 minutes echoed this news  in the following article:

As far as Holtrop is concerned, we think it's a great initiative. Among other reasons because we see in this film an excellent lobby tool. Cuts to renewables have generated a large number of litigations. However, beyond our sector, there has been little outrage among citizens, and it has rarely been articulated in a way that would lead to concrete, visible and effective results. It is precisely in lobbying where the big electricity companies are light years ahead of us. Therefore we will support this project from our office, giving interviews and also through a financial contribution to the making of the film, as many others have done already (it´s needless to say that the big producers are not fond of joining films about uncomfortable truths). To all those who are interested in supporting this project, or just want to read the description of it by its director, we refer to the following link: