Smart cities lookout motivation

This is the sixth post in a series on Smart Cities, Dana Cary and Julie Claar are with our Firm as interns in the summermonths and will deliver their findings on our blog.

  Dana Cary, HOLTROP S.L.P. Transaction & Business Law  

Need a little motivation?

The global movement toward renovating inefficient, polluted cities into ?smart? cities has grown dramatically within the past decade. Simply put, a smart city is one that has several dimensions?it is fast moving, energy efficient, environmentally safe, economically sound, and socially flourishing. While the benefits of creating smart cities are endless, the final goal of making our cities smarter is to decrease our carbon footprint and lay the foundation for a more efficient, successful and brighter future.

While there are many components to a smart city, the most essential component is energy efficiency. Striving to reduce a city´s overall energy consumption is a straightforward goal; however it has proved to be one of the most daunting steps in the movement toward a greener future. Why? Because people lack motivation. And the process of motivating people to save energy can often times be long, arduous, and seemingly impossible.

So how do we inspire people to get on board with this movement to reduce our energy consumption?  Today I stumbled upon a very interesting blog post that discusses several ways to motivate people to get involved in the battle to reduce energy consumption. Steps range from educating building tenants before they move in about the importance of saving energy to creating "energy competitions" where tenants compete to see who can consume the least amount of energy.   

If you´re looking to motivate your building tenants to "go green" or simply trying to reduce your electricity bill, check it out! Cheers.