Remuneration of the facilities under the new draft ministerial order

A few days ago, we reported in this post about the publication of the draft Order by which the compensation parameters of the already so known Installation types are approved.

If any of you did have the time to take a look, you realized that the calculation of such compensation is not extremely easy, and that, even though we attached the video where Jorge Morales clearly explained each of the formulas, we decided to write a post explaining the steps to take in order to calculate the compensation from 2013 to 2016.

This post is temporary, since in some months we will put our compensation calculator blog at your disposal, where your remuneration will be automatically calculated by simply entering your data.

Fortunately, those who already are customers of Geoatlanter do not need to worry about doing any calculations. Once again, they have shown their professionalism as market representatives by offering each of its clients the compensation they will annually receive.


Please find down below the calculation of the remuneration in 3 steps:



The Order gives each installation type a specific code based on the technology, the installed capacity, the age, the electrical system, etc. of the installation.

Following the division established in the annexes of the Order, we offer you the various tables you should consult in order to determine your code, taking into consideration the Royal Decree which hosts your installation:


a) Installations operating under RD 661/2007:

- Subgroups A.1.1 and A.1.2 and group c.2 Article 2

    Download it here

- Second Transitional Provision

    Download it here

- Group and Subgroup a.1.4 a.2 Article 2

    Download it here

- Additional Provision 6.3 and Article 45

    Download it here

- Subgroup a.1.3 Article 2 and Transitional Provision Tenth

    Download it here

- Category b) of Article 2

    Download it here

- Category c) of Article 2

    Download it here


b) Installations operating under the RD 1578/2008 Sub b.1.1

    Download it here




a) Remuneration for 2013

 Download it here

b) Remuneration for 2014, 2015 and 2016

 Download it here




Re = (RINV * Power) + (Ro * Energy) + (Energy * Market Price)


RINV (€ / MW) = Third column counting from the left of the remuneration table

Power = Nominal power in MW (if your power is in KW, you shall divide 1000)

Ro = Fourth column from the left in the box remuneration table. This Ro is limited to the nominal power * maximum operating hours for the perception Ro- sixth column from the left )

Energy = Energy generated in a year

Market price = Expected market price, which is assumed to revolve around 50 €.


We hope these notes are useful to you and as usual we stand at your disposal for any questions that might arise in relation to this matter.