Maria Ferrer Alcina

As a food technology engineer, Maria Ferrer brings to the firm technical consulting experience with respect to the renewables and winemaking sectors. She has broad experience in the Agri-Food industry, collaborates in the M&A transactions we work on and advises on technical questions that impact on the sector’s regulation. The defense and promotion of sustainability is the fundamental basis upon which she carries out her work.

Maria represents our firm in the ‘Cluster INNOVI de Cataluña’, where she focuses specifically on the role of the energy transition in the winemaking industry.

Maria is bilingual in Spanish and Catalan and fluent in English. She graduated as a biologist from the University of Valencia and holds a Masters in food technology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Maria is a co-founder and director of our firm.

Maria has also worked for 10 years as a permanent professor of Process and Quality in the Food Industry.