M&A and food industry

We haven't been publishing a lot recently in this section, the reason of which is that we were quite busy with our daily business and didn't quite know where to start writing to add value to this section withour boring you. 

The focus of our M&A activities has traditionally been mostly in the Energy Business, with emphasis on Renewable Energies in the electricity sector. This activity has been the engine for our advisory practice in that sector, which today has extended far beyond M&A. 

Over the years we have done a considerable amount of advisory work in different aspects of the food industry, from labelling requierements to food supplements regulation issues through M&A operations concerning wine estates. We have noticed that recently the Spanish wine sector is in an uplift internationally, and we did notice this because we received several requests for assistance in M&A operations in this sector. We have to say that we actually also have a consultant working part time for us who is a food technologist. This made us realise that we should market our activity in the food sector in general, and the wine sector in particular more actively on our blog. This does not mean that we only do M&A in these sectors, it is only meant to emphasize a concentration of our activities.

So here we go:

During the coming months we will be publishing on labelling requierements, which have changed recently, and on specific issues to bear in mind when purchasing a wine estate in Spain. We will furhtermore pay special attention to legal questions which the Spanish wine sector considers especially relevant and also try to say a few words on internationalization of the Spanish wine sector in general in another post.

Eventually we are planning to create a sector blog for the food industry much in the same way as we did for the renewable energy sector.