M&A activities of our firm

Currently we have one interesting assignment which we would consider part of our M&A practice, we are advising in the setup of an ESCO in Chile, to deliver industrial heat to a largecap stakeholder, our client is a Catalan company in the biomass sector. We hope to be able to provide more information shortly.

Another project which we have been following for something over a year has reached us today, it's a classic M&A operation in the food and beverages, involving a vineyard for a leading company in the sector. We will confirm this operation if and when confirmed and disclose parties when allowed on closure of the operation. We have done some operations in this niche before and it would be great if we could do some more.

We are very happy to do a few M&A projects every year in the mids of all the litigation we are handling against the Spanish State for the Renewable Energy sector in Spain.