Our transactional and advisory practice


When we talk about transactions, HOLTROP S.L.P Transaction & Business Law has been conceived from its inception as a Firm oriented towards business advisory, with a special focus on international transactions, mainly acquisitions of other businesses and greenfield projects. In the past few years years, legal advice for new renewable energy capacity, which will have to be allocated to replace the existing traditional technologies so as to achieve the goals set to avoid climate change, has gained a lot of weight in the distribution of our efforts. 

Our Firm is very active in litigation for renewables. This circumstance is decisive to our analytical capacity of the regulatory changes, both in the context of Due Diligence reports, and for the negotiation of guarantees. As a necessary aspect of our litigation proceedings against the many cutbacks to the renewable installations we have undertaken Due Diligence on thousands of photovoltaic, Wind, small hydraulics and Cogeneration installations. Currently, not many firms are in this privileged position, we realise by our clients’ feedback, and they can tell from our fee proposals they receive for our services.

Our advice seeks to be comprehensive, accompanying companies and institutions working in the Energy Transition. Our clients range from start-ups needing support in corporate matters, medium and large companies wanting to deepen their understanding of the regulation, and municipalities and autonomous regions developing measures aimed to support the Energy turnaround, such as Utility Scale Generation of renewable energy, (industrial-) prosumer projects, district heating or measures to promote electric vehicles.

We offer our clients flexible alternative fee arrangements to respond to these challenges. We call this H-Flex. If you would like to know more about H-Flex please drop us a line, we will be happy to explain this in detail to you.