July 14th 2016, UNEF Conference: “The challences on photovoltaics in Asturias”


On 14th July 2016, UNEF, the Spanish Fotovoltaic Industry Union will organise together with COIIAS (The Official College of Industrial Engineerings of Asturias)a conference titled "Los retos de la energía fotovoltaice en Asturias" (The challences of the photovoltaic energy in Asturas).

Entry to the conference is free of charge. The conference is held at the conference hall of The Official College of Industrial Engineerings of Asturias - c/ Asturias, 9, 1º E - 33004 OVIEDO between 9:00 and 14:00.

Our partner Daniel Pérez will intervene from 10:00 to 11:15 to talk about the most recent legal changes, the challence of self-consumption as well as the actual situation of the market in Asturias and Spain in general.

For inscriptions or the reserve a place (due to limited places) you can send an email to: p.gimenez@unef.es or call us: 917817512.

Please follow this link in case you wish to see the agenda or need more information about this event.