HOLTROP SLP Transaction & Business Law enters into AEDIVE’s value chain



AEDIVE press release, April 2016:

The electric vehicle shares synergies with renewables, a field where Holtrop counts with an extensive experience

HOLTROP SLP Transaction & Business Law is incorporated into AEDIVE's value chain 

The law firm HOLTROP SLP Transaction & Business Law is the latest addition to the list of full members of AEDIVE, the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles which brings together the entire chain of industrial, business and technological value as well as the services sector.

The electric vehicle market has experienced significant development during the last five years, as well as the legal and legislative framework that regulates it. In this scenario, key issues such as the figure of the load manager, the ITC BT52 or the EU directive on infrastructures for alternative fuels, together with the MOVEA incentive plan on the acquisition of vehicles and infrastructures define the regulatory scenario of this market, which counts with quite a few gaps which need to be clarified to minimise the number of obstacles impeding the proper development of electric vehicles.

The evidence of a growing market and its obvious relation to areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and the environment are some of the attracting factors for HOLTROP, which aims to analyse in depth the policy aspects related to electric mobility to boost their advance.

HOLTROP SLP Transaction & Business Law is fruit of an attitude that combines civic awareness with business competitiveness. It is a lawyer firm that always has taken a clear position in favor of renewable energies. It is not without a reason they have been awarded the Solar Prize 2015 of the Spanish section of Eurosolar.

Currently, HOLTROP defends more than 3,000 installations of different renewable technologies, owned by thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies, ranging from small to some other integrated into the IBEX 35.

In addition, the origins of one of the partners of the firm, Piet Holtrop, born in the  Netherlands and electric car user, has conditioned in part this drive for electric mobility, because not in vain the Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest development in zero-emission mobility in Europe and in the world.