GENERA and SPIREC, technical sessions with Secartys and CEEC

This year we will participate two days in technical side sessions during SPIREC Congress, "Renewables for People" during GENERA. The next post is about the APPA sessions on Tuesday February 21st, here we talk about the session in which Piet Holtrop participates on Wednesday February 22nd, from 11:00 to 13:00. These sessions are organized by Secartys, and Aepibal, and are titled: State of the art and innovation in solar energy and storage". Together with other project partners we will present the BlockBattCe project here. This is an AEI project, aiming at solutions for designing and intelligent management of energy communities with batteries and blockchain technology. Key issues are legal, technological and organization in nature, in order to allow for optimization in terms of efficiency, cost and sustainability. Our firm is legal partner to this project.