“Fòrum Energia, d’Ecoviure”: photovoltaic self-consumption. How has, the Royal Decree of self-consumption 244/2019, modified the scenario of the electricity market? In Manresa, on November 29

The “Fòrum Energia” is organized within the framework of the Ecoviure fair, on November 29 at the Manresa Fair Palace, and this year will deal with photovoltaic self-consumption.

The theme of the forum for this year 2019, will address how the Royal Decree of self-consumption 244/2019, has modified the regulatory scenario, making special reference to the impact on photovoltaic solar energy. The modularity and competitiveness of this energy, fosters the democratization of the energy model, therefore, in this new regulatory framework, citizens should begin to leave behind the role of mere spectators to become an active agent in the electricity sector.




Piet Holtrop will participate, within the framework of this forum, through a presentation that will take place at 9:45 a.m., on the promotion of photovoltaic self-consumption and the proposal of a municipal ordinance model that the firm "HOLTROP SLP Transaction and Business Law" prepared after the commission of the “Institut Català d'Energia”.