Draft of the Ministerial Order establishing the standard projects

We were able to access the draft Ministerial Order by which the retribution parameters for certain types of generation facilities of electricity from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste facilities are approved.

Regarding photovoltaic energy, 576 standards differentiating between the RD 661/2007 and RDL 1578/2008 are created. These standards are set in terms of power, tracking technology and the time the plant was installed.

It must be noted that in the draft, the tax of 7% is included in the photovoltaic operation costs.

Additionally, it determines a regulatory life cycle of 30 years for photovoltaic plants.

Regarding onshore wind energy, 23 standards are set, based on the year of final operating license (between 1994 and 2016) and a life cycle of 20 years; the 7% tax is also included as operational cost.

Finally, for solar thermal power, 18 standards (representing the entire number of facilities) and 6 type cases depending on the technology used are set. It also provides a life cycle of 25 years, and the inclusion of the 7% tax as an operating cost.

Here you can see the relevant parameters.

We are studying the impact that this reform can have on producers, since it can have very different consequences depending on the type of assigned project.