Legal advisory Corporate

When we talk about transactions, HOLTROP S.L.P. Transaction & Business Law has been conceived from its beginning as a business advisory oriented Firm, with special focus on international transactions, mainly company acquisitions. In most of the operations in which we advise, we represent foreign buyers, although the trend of the last years has increasingly been to represent both national buyers and sellers.

We have taken part in numerous operations and transactions involving renewable assets, but we have also done significant transactions in the wine-sector. In 2015 we assessed SPI Group in the acquisition of the winery Señorío de Arínzano from the Gran Feudo Group (represented by Uría & Menéndez), main property of the FENIX fund, a banking consortium of BBVA, Banco Santander, CaixaBank, Banco Sabadell, Bankia and Banco Popular, represented by Gómez Acebo-Pombo. In the next years we will close several other transactions which are already on their way in the this sector.

Generally, our legal advice is on transactions with international elements, and although the renewable energy and food and agriculture sectors stand out, we do not limit ourselves hereto. A wide international network of contacts and our vast experience in trans-national business make us a good choice for international M&A issues. Whether it is an acquisition, a management buy-out or any other M&A operation, we offer an integral service from the first phases of negotiation to the closing, including Due Diligence and the preparation of contracts to our clients. Our main assets lie in creative solutions based on a good understanding of our clients' needs.

Finally, our participation at different on-line transaction platforms with citizen participation, such as ECrowd, “Firmeza Solar” as well as our legal advice to the EU Crowdfunding Citizen Energy project should be noted.

We believe in specialisation because we want to be excellent in everything we do. Limiting ourselves to a few regulated sectors with very specific needs, we found our market niche, in which we are very competitive. The ongoing regulatory changes in these sectors require our attorneys to analysing over and over again the legal contingencies of a transaction, involving assets which might be affected by these changes.

Our Firm develops a highly relevant litigation praxis in renewable energies defence: this a decisive circumstance for our analytic capacity of the mentioned regulatory changes, both in the context of Due Diligence, as well as in negotiations of warranties and guarantees resulting from them. We have carried out Due Diligence on more than 3.500 photovoltaic -, wind-, mini-hydraulic -, and co-generation installations as part of the litigations against the different cutbacks to renewable energies. Few firms have this privileged position, which we perceive from the response of our clients, and which they perceive from the economic proposals they receive for our services.

Intellectual Property and other areas

Our special emphasis in the area of intellectual property is a necessary complement for the legal advice in transactions which include brand transmission and other intellectual property. Our engagements in intellectual property have an important projection and great visibility with cases of relevance in the cultural sector. 

Of course, we have the necessary knowledge about corporate, commercial, labour and administrative law needed for the other elements of essential scrutiny in Due Diligences. In another working area, even though we do not act as bankruptcy administrators and because of the unfortunate situation to which the renewable energy sector is being exposed, we have a lot of experience in the restructuration of assets affected by insolvency, the so-called turnaround operations. We regulary act as representatives of receivers in foreign bankruptcies with assets in Spain.