Conference Aragón con luz propia

On the 18th of January Piet Holtrop debated with José María Yuste, Professor at the Zaragoza University, at the electric engineering department, María del Carmen Soler Montfort, Mayor of Mirambel, Carlos Ariñez Raich, Industrial Engineer and President and cofounder of the first rural renewable energy community of Aragón, in Luco de Jiloca (Teruel), and Alberto París, CEO and shareholder of Syder, an independent energy supplier in Aragón during the conference "Aragón con luz propia". The title has a double meaning: it is Aragón in its own light, and also Aragón with its own electric power. Aragón is already the largest renewable energy producer of Spain in per capita terms, and will soon also be in absolute terms. Piet's participation in the debate "increasing generation associated to-, and generating community networks for generation" One of the key issues here is to distinguish prosuming as an activity, and the Renewable Energy Community as a new agent in the electricity system. The Renewable Energy Directive introduces this new agent, and Spain has implemented this in article 6 of it Electricity Sector Law. Specific regulation is now to follow. The conference was held in the impressive World Expo conference building, opened by the President of Aragón, and was fully booked. Some press references: Europapress, Heraldo, Cadenaser, Diarioaragonés, and others.