Commissioner Oettinger is not amused at all!

Of course Mr. Oettinger is not at all amused by the recent approval of Spain's retroactive feed-in-tariff cut, he told the press after the presentation of the EU progress reports. The Spanish move is especially nasty for the required private financing effort.

UPDATE MARCH 3 2011: Mr. Oettinger wrote al letter to Mr. Sebastián, our Spanish Industry Minister explaining how unamused he exactly is. Of course we fully agree with his point of view. We have been discussing lately with Mr. van Steen, who is the head of unit C.1, of the Commission, Regulatory policy & Promotion of renewable Energy. Mr. van Steen maintained correspondence with several affected parties about the recent changes and eludes to the same principles of European Law as Mr. Oettinger does: legal certainty and the protection of legitimate interests. We published an article on the European Case law on these principles here.

Read Mr. Oettinger's letter here:


Letter Oettinger to Sebastián