Who are our clients?

Renewable Energies:

Holtrop S.L.P. Transaction & Business Law defends the legal intereses of more than 3.500 renewable energy producers of different techologies against the many cutbacks by means of large-scale litigations with multiple claimers and only focused on regulatory changes in the Spanish Renewables sectors, being our clients both private individuals as well as small, medium-sized and large cap companies. The vast majority of those more than 3.500 energy producers proceed from the photovoltaic, wind energy, thermal solar power and small-scale hydropower industries, although other technologies are also involved.

The way we proceed is by bringing the cases before the Court of Justice of the European Communities through referrals for preliminary rulings of European Law in Spanish court.

Our legal advisory has different modalities, but is always fixed price based including all stages of the litigation, all appeals included.

We provide our clients with an extranet, were they can upload, download and access in their own private zone all the relevant documentation and information about the litigations and other matters of interest.

In case you wish to engage our services you can so online. Since the vast majority of our clients in this sector are Spanish individuals or Spanish based companies, please find the different engagement options in the Spanish blog, by following the links in the diagram. 



Other types of legal advisory we offer are following:

Business advisory Renewable Energies/Smartcities:

Besides and in the field of transactions, we are very active in business advisory, with a special focus on international transactions, mainly acquisitions of other businesses and greenfield projects. In the coming years, legal advice for new renewable energy capacity, which will have to be allocated to replace the existing traditional technologies, will gain more and more relevance each time.

We support the global energy model turnaround (Energiewende), focusing our main activity in this regard in the field of renewable energies, accompanying companies and institutions working in the field of Smartcities. Our clients range from start-ups needing support in corporate matters, medium and large companies wanting to deepen their understanding of the regulation, and municipalities and autonomous regions developing measures aimed to support the Energy turnaround, such as district heating or measures to promote electric vehicles.

M&A Operations/Intellectual Property:

With a special focus on international transactions, most of them company acquisitions, we represent foreign and national buyers and sellers from mainly the renewable energy and food and agriculture sectors, although not limited to those two. Whether it is an acquisition, a management buy-out or any other M&A operation, we offer an integral service from the first phases of negotiation to the closing, including Due Diligence and the preparation of contracts to our clients. As far as transactions which include brand transmission and other intellectual property are concerned, our engagements have an important projection and great visibility with cases of relevance in the cultural sector. 

Agro & Food Technology:

Our legal advice in the wine sector has focused on corporate restructuring operations, consolidation and M&A. Shortly we will be introducing several new cross-cutting services, such as sector related corporate, administrative or employment legal advice, and specific services, such as labelling, designation of origin and compliance of other specific regulations of the sector.