April 6th, UNEF Conference on “The challenges of photovoltaics in the Basque Country”

Next April 6th, UNEF organises the conference "The challenges of photovoltaics in the Basque Country"  in Bilbao, Basque Country.

The conference, which is sponsored by Holtrop SLP Transaction & Business Law, will begin with a first exclusive part for members of UNEF in which the situation of photovoltaic companies in the Basque Country will be analised, UNEF's action plan will be gone through and a regional representative of UNEF will be chosen for the Basque Country.

As of 10:30 the day will be open to the public. Within the agenda item "Status of the photovoltaic industry in the Basque Country and in Spain: recent regulatory changes, the challenge of consumption and the current situation of the market" our firm will participate as well at the technical table, which starts at 11:15.

The attendance to the meeting is free.

For a (tentative) schedule you can click on the following link: Schedule.

For registration please follow this link: p.gimenez@unef.es