Approval of RDL14/2010

The debating session of the Spanish Congreso, in which it shall vote on the approval or disapproval of RDL14/2010 is scheduled for January 26th 2011.

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26-01-11:The contribution of the Canarian Group and BNG have been of well informed content, ICV and ERC follow their argumentation, ERC with less coherence. PNV and CIU try hard to sell a very incoherent message of approval and introduce a band aid in a later regulation, obviously fruit of a power political deal.

RDL14/2010 has been approved and the Abilene Paradox has been proved again.

Voting started at 15:53 344 were present 175 voted yes, 157 abstentions and 12 voted no RDL14/2010 has been approved.


We will be taking the RDL14/2010 to court. If you are interested in appealing against this Law before the Court of Justice of the European Union, please send us an email to



What I think will happen is called the "Abilene Paradox". Everybody knows we will be taking a stupid decision, but we do it anyway.


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