Document with amendments proposed to RDL14/2010

Enmiendas Senado a RDL14/2010

This document contains the changes which the CIU and PNV proposed today before they accepted RDL14/2010. Be aware that RDL14/2010 has not been amended at all, this is a mere proposal which is now in a vacuum between RDL14/2010 and some possible future amendments, which were promised to happen in the coming weeks. But you know how the word promise relates to politics.

The proposed amendments would only slightly buffer the negative effect of RDL14/2010. In our opinion the measures of RDL14/2010, even if the amendments were all to be accepted, do still not make RDL14/2010 compliant with the Directive 2009/28/EC.

It's becoming one big sloppy legislative mess. We will be posting a thorough analysis of today's debate and the proposed amendments tomorrow.