Adorno and the true Irishman

"In this semantic debate, instead of seeing the term PPA as a basket of meanings containing many subcategories, some maintain the posture that the PPA that does not coincide with the PPA they signed is not a real PPA. It's something else: it's not the real McCoy."

Piet Holtrop, in the article posted on 19 December 2019 on the blog 20 minutos, reflects on the various possibilities of configuring an PPA according to the different subjects, context and needs of the parties involved, as well as about the existence of a "true PPA". This panorama of possible configurations is likely to be further expanded in the near future, as the EU Directive 2018/2001 on renewable energies, which is part of the "Winter Package", opens the door to making the consumer a subject capable of signing PPA contracts.

Piet, considers a PPA as a means to satisfy the needs of a subject, not as an end. In that sense, the name in question is of subordinate importance.

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