6th May 2014, Integral Eolic Project Management IV, conference in Seville with the participation of HOLTROP SLP

Today, 6th May, we participate in this conference in Seville:

6th and 7h May 2014




Integral Eolic Project Management IV

Optimization and development of the current projects




6th MAY


10:00 – Reception and coffee

10:30 – Welcome

11:00 – Energy reform in Spain: legal aspects and business development

12:00 – New O&M strategies in the framework of a new regulation

13:30 – Visit to la Feria de Abril of Seville



7th MAY


10:00 – Reception and coffee

10:30 – Integration of the renewable energy in the electricity market

11:30 – International panorama: new energy markets. Case study: Brazil

12:30 – Reindustrialization: success cases and needs

13:30 – End of the conference