22 January: Working Group Meeting for UNEF regarding PPAs

On 22 January 2018 the UNEF PPA Working Group will meet. UNEF has a variety of different working groups in which prestigious professionals from different backgrounds meet to discuss the issues of most relevance to the photovoltaic industry.

Without a doubt one such issue is the rise of bilateral contracts for the sale and purchase of energy, also known as PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). PPAs are destined to contribute decisvely to the development of new photovoltaic projects. Amongst other reasons for this is the fact that these contracts assist greatly in the financing of projects, given that they allow for a diversification of the income streams available to developers, such that electricity can be sold directly to pool, individually to a specific purchaser, or as a type of financial instrument to minimise exposure to volatile electricity prices.

Piet Holtrop will present on the principal aspects to take into account in these agreements from a legal point of view.