16th January, “Scene Set for a Policy Fight Over Energy Self-Consumption in Europe”

"Countries differ on how to empower consumers as part of a long-term regional energy plan.

Battle lines are being drawn over the future of renewable energy self-consumption in Europe following the publication of legislative proposals last fall.

Spain is among the European Union member states expected to fight renewable energy self-consumption proposals contained in the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package due to come into force from 2021 up until 2030. 

The Spanish administration, which is ideologically opposed to renewables and has sought to hamper their progress for the last five years, is understood to be taking aim at European plans to encourage energy sharing over community microgrids.  

Other member states likely to oppose various renewable energy components of the "Winter Package" include the Czech Republic and Poland, which rely heavily on native coal power, and possibly the Netherlands, which holds major gas reserves.

Meanwhile, France’s stance on the proposals “will depend on who’s leading the French government,” said Daniel Pérez Rodriguez, a partner with renewables-focused law firm Holtrop in Spain. France, which is both pro-renewables and highly dependent on nuclear power, holds presidential elections this year."

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