14th of July 2016, ICIS Dashboard: Legal woe to continue dulling Spanish solar sector”

Both ongoing and fresh legal proceedings  will  continue to hinder development of Spain’s  nascent  solar sector under the likely new coalition led by the conservative People's Party (PP). Last week 6,000 small investors in Spain's solar sector became the latest consortium to claim for damages at the Supreme Court against losses they suffered after the government retroactively removed support for the sector in 2012. The case was put forward by the National Association of Fotovoltaic Energy Producers (ANPIER), represented by the Holtrop firm of lawyers.

The case will decide the rights of the claimants, and have wider consequences for investment in the sector from small-scale producers.

"Confidence may not recover before legal security has been restored to the pioneering 62,000 fotovoltaics families,"¨Miguel Angel Martínez-Aroca, president of Anpier told ICIS. It will be several years before the case is resolved, according to Daniel Pérez, a lawyer at Holtrop..............]

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